Harry Potter & Star Wars this Wedding has it all !!!

Lilly and James

Lilly and James didn’t want a full on themed Wedding, however they did pick a couple of their favourite things ever to be included, like Harry Potter, Star Wars, Doctor Who and Batman. Big foodie James picked the menu and with 200 evening guests and lots of wine the reception was rocking!!!

Lilly and James shoes

Bride and groom cuddle

The couple met at the uni bar.  “I was quite drunk and fell down some steps and head-butted James! I didn’t see him for a few weeks, then we met again back at the bar and the rest is history” the bride said.

Lilly an james selfie

Bride gives a kiss

James proposed in a way all Harry Potter fans should. “As we have the names of Harry Potter’s parents. James bought me a replica of Voldemort’s Wand for my birthday and the ring was on the end” said the bride.

Star Wars Cake

Harry potter wedding favours

Harry Potter table plan

The Harry Potter theme continued “We are both hugely into Star Wars so we had Han Solo and Leia on our Wedding cake and then Harry Potter and Doctor Who table themes, with a big Harry Potter seating plan. James and his best man also wore batman cufflinks”, said the bride. Who planned the Wedding with the help of her mum and sister.

Batman cufflinks

Lilly and James spent approximately £10,000 on their big day. After the cost of the venue the biggest expense was Lilly’s stunning Vera Wang dress at £1,200. It was important to the couple to use local people and support new businesses “Sarah Wayte Photography actually did my mums wedding too so I knew she was amazing and perfect! The flowers were Sue’s Flower Studio and I met her through Sarah too. The cake was someone my dad knew and all my makeup and nails were done by the amazing Deelights, again a friend” said the bride.

Bride singing

Bride and groom dancing

The 7 real reasons why people don’t want to attend your wedding!

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So, why is it when I’m handed a wedding invitation am I not filled with joy and excitement for the happy couple? I should be happy, right? Important people, people I love are getting married. It will be the happiest day of their lives and I have been carefully selected to witness this event. So, why don’t I want to go? I’ve had a think and whittled it down to a few important points…

1. Spending a whole month’s wages on your hen do. Great idea! Las Vegas for 3 weeks followed by several meals out in town and a cheeky weekend to Marbs is going to be amazing, but then everyone wakes up and realises we haven’t won the lottery. You’re more than welcome to organise all these events, just don’t expect me to attend, unless you’re paying for me of course! Be reasonable with your expectations; plan something that everyone can afford. Ask yourself what’s more important to you, what you did or who was there?

2. love to buy my own bridesmaid dress that you’ve picked. Come on, you can’t have your cake and eat it! If you want to have me as a bridesmaid you should buy the dress, to be honest think of it as payment to me for giving up many of my Saturdays to attend fittings. I don’t see why YOUR Wedding day should become a major expense for me. You will be choosing the colour and style of the dress so why should I pay for something that potentially won’t even be to my taste? If you want me to buy my own dress, let me choose it.

3. Standing around for hours in these shoes is totally how I wanted to spend my Saturday. No one’s denying it’s your special day, but please spare a minute for us poor sods who arrived at your ceremony at 11am but won’t be seated for the Wedding breakfast until 4pm! I will be bored, I will be moaning about it to anyone that will listen and I will be so hungry I may well get to the stage of wanting to chew off my own arm. You don’t need hours and hours between the ceremony and the meal, if in doubt on timings try to speak to the photographer and see what a realistic time is to get all your important shoots done, usually around an hour.

4. Yum dry tasteless chicken. Just because it’s a wedding doesn’t mean you have to turn into a food snob and order a quails egg with three sticks of celery. Let’s mix it up! How about a curry or lasagne or a Nando’s takeaway? I knew a groom who ordered a Domino’s pizza for his Wedding breakfast meal, what a genius! If it’s what you love then do it. Speak to your venue see what they can do, if you don’t ask don’t get. If you have to have their basic menu at least arrange a taster session and don’t be afraid to change something and tell the truth, you’re paying for it after all.

5. No really I enjoy a long in-depth speech riddled with bad jokes. Admittedly not everyone is a great public speaker, but no one wants to sit through a long, unfunny and awkward speech. Sadly the men traditionally make the speeches, which worrying could have been quickly scribbled down in the toilet on the actual Wedding day! Oh dear. To avoid people’s patience running thin and falling asleep make sure speeches are prepared in advance, written down and rehearsed in front of you. Take out anything that will make your Nan blush, or leave it in for shits and giggles.

6. Vodka and coke £8.40, oh that’s reasonable. If you want to ensure I have a good time and hit the dance floor, you best be plying me with as much free booze as possible. Not just a bottle of wine at the table to share with 9 other people. While it’s understandable this won’t be a cheap pastime you can’t put a price on the comedy gold entertainment I’m going to provide you with when I’m pissed on the dance floor attempting to break-dance, I mean that alone is worth purchasing me my own bottle of Vodka. On a serious note speak to the venue see what the bar prices are like or maybe you could come to a corkage arrangement, did someone say Calais booze run?

Embed from Getty Images

7. Oh excellent you hired that heavy metal band after all. Of course you’re going to want to listen to your favourite type of music on your Wedding day but, if you have, let’s say an ‘interesting’ musical taste you might want to tone it down a bit if you want people to hit the dance floor. Nothing worse than your guests standing around the edge of the dance floor with a ‘what the fuck is this song’ look on their face. Your Wedding will likely have a diverse age range so it’s important to cater a little bit for everyone, speak to your family and friends and get a list of ‘must play songs’. Defiantly make sure your musical tastes are included but maybe just a 30 minute set.


The New MUST HAVE Bespoke Wedding Shoe !!!

Robin Williams Shoes

I caught up with the amazingly talented, self-taught artist Dagmara Cielecka, as she focuses on creating the perfect personalised Wedding shoe. If you’re looking for something different you’ve come to the right place.

Where did you learn to draw? I started drawing as soon as I could hold a pencil. I’m self-taught and found that school and University didn’t help me become a better drawer. Of course it took time for me to get to the level I am today, but constantly practicing helped me develop as an artist and strengthened my skills. My father is also a great artist so I guess I inherited his artistic genes!

Marilyn Monroe Shoe

How long have you been doing it for? Secondary school was when I realised that drawing is what I wanted to do as a career. Two years ago while at University I created an Instagram account, I have since built a large following of over 42,000!!! They’re not just followers. I have made many friends online and built trust with my fan base. I now receive commissions from all around the world including Canada, America, Dubai and many more. I received a lot of attention from my first pair of shoes which was of Biggie Smalls and Tupac.

biggie and 2pac shoe

How long does it take to complete a pair of shoes? It really depends on the details of the design. Simple cartoons could take roughly 2 days, 1 shoe per day. The realistic portraits take much longer. One portrait takes me roughly up to 30 hours to completely finish. I am a perfectionist so every detail has to be included to make it look as realistic as possible. I want my portrait shoes to look like photographs, hence why they take so long.

Frozen shoe

How much do you charge? Prices depend on the shoe type, size and detail of the image. Adult shoes can start from £120 and baby shoes from £30. Pricing information can be found on my website www.dagmaracielecka.com

Bob Marley shoe

Can the shoes get wet? The shoes are sprayed with a clear Acrylic sealant so they are protected and waterproof.

Have you done any shoes for celebrity clients? I just finished a pair of baby shoes for model/actress Denise Vasi, who you might know from the film Single Ladies and Magic Mike. I also did a Paw Patrol pair for Jamie Middleton’s son. I’m also currently in touch with the singer Seal. A Brazilian Metal singer Derrick Green from the band Sepultura, has requested a pair for summer 2016.

Paw patrol shoe



Wedding kiss in the woods Does the thought of getting married in a Church send a bit of a shiver down your spine, forcing you to settle with a standard civil ceremony. Well fear not, there are other options available to you, independent celebrants being one.

Wedding kiss I sat down for a coffee (well diet coke but you get the idea) with Kent based independent celebrant Karina O’Donnell  to find out what it’s all about.

Wedding kiss under a tree “As an independent celebrant I can write and deliver Wedding ceremonies, it’s all about flexibility and individual care. The sky is the limit! No constraints, no compromises; just your dream day in all of its perfection”, explained Katrina who has been in the Wedding business for over 25 year. “Unlike civil ceremonies I get to meet with the bride and groom before the Wedding day and we work together on vows, speeches or poems and how the couple would like the ceremony conducted. If one partner is practically religious I can also incorporate parts of that religion into the ceremony, anything goes”.

Wedding kiss on the beach Katerina who has performed 25 ceremonies this year explains “many couples are not entirely sure what they want to say or do, I go through many different options with them. You can incorporate a Sand Ceremony which is the blending of two different sands, each sand symbolises the bride and groom. The meaning is simple once poured together this represents the joining of marriage and the inseparable bond of two people. Or there is the Unity Candle, consisting of three candles. The two smaller candles represent the individual lives and families of the bride and groom, these two candles are then used together to light the large candle in the centre, symbolising the coming together of two people and two families. I also recommend the very popular hands fasting ceremony, the bride and grooms hands are joined using a ribbon. The ribbon is looped over the wrist and hands and can be tied either by myself or a family member”.

Wedding unity candle

Don’t forget you still need to do the legal bit at your local registry office as independent celebrants cannot currently provide a legally recognised service, however it is legal in Scotland.

Wedding kiss on the beach


 Karlee Gezs Wedding Ferris wheel wedding Gerard had his work cut out after Karlee declined his first offer of a date, six months later after talking online they met at Karlee’s local church and she wasn’t disappointed.

Wedding Shoes

Wedding garter legGerard didn’t waste any time and proposed eight months later while on holiday in Crete. “It was on the beach under the stars on our last night of the holiday. It sounds far more romantic than it was, there was no planning and no ring. We bought a ring when we got back from Hatton Garden which we designed together as I wanted a pink stone” said Karlee.

Wedding Flowers

Seaside Wedding The Wedding took about a year to plan and went slightly over budget coming in at around £10k. The couple decided on an ice cream, pastel colors and all things that make up the British seaside. Karlee designed the dress herself having the lace and satin shipped from America.

Karlee Gezs Wedding - Ap-Art Photography-265

Weddin KissThe ceremony took place at St Peters Church, Broadstairs and then continued on to the Royal Harbour Brasserie Karlee goes on to say why she decided on the seaside “Broadstairs was a special place for me, as went there for years with family when I was growing up, I took Gerard there and he loved it too. So as soon as we started planning it, we wanted as fuss free and informal as possible”.

Wedding VW camper van

Seaside Wedding Despite having an amazing day Karlee would have made a few changes “I would have taken more time to get the photos we wanted instead of worrying about everyone having a good time, although our photographer Ap-Art Photography was amazing! I also would have sacked off the VW camper as he was late and we spent a lot of money on it to take us down the road, looks good in the photos though”.

Dancing bride

Wedding Cake Karlee concludes by saying “ I finally got to stay in the Bridal Suite at Bleak House overlooking Viking Bay which I had always wanted to do, the fact it was with my husband, on the first night of our married life was very special”.

First Dance


Mark and Masumi Japanese Garden Mark and Masumi met in a pub through mutual friends while Masumi was working for the Japanese Embassy in London. After a whirlwind romance Mark popped the question on the stunning island of Okinawa.

Mark and Masumi Traditional Japanese Wedding Ceremony

Mark and Masumi Traditional Japanese Wedding Ceremony“We decided to get married at The New Otani Hotel in Tokyo as it’s close to my home town. Mark was on board with the idea when I told him the hotel was the filming location for the James Bond film You Only Live Twice”, said the bride.

Japanese Wedding With a total of fifty guests, ten from the UK the couple wanted to keep the day as culturally neutral as possible. “We didn’t really have a Wedding theme as such”, she continued. We had a traditional Japanese wedding ceremony and Mark had to learn and recite a number of small Japanese speeches. We both wore Japanese kimono robes during the ceremony and changed into more western outfits for the Wedding breakfast”.

Mark and Masumi Japanese Wedding CeremonyIt is Japanese tradition that both families provide the guests with a form of entertainment. Masumi goes on to say that this was by far her favourite part of the day, with her friend performing a very energetic dance routine. “I knew she would do an amazing job, the dance was a mix of Beyoncé steps, sumo wrestling moves, gymnastics that ended in a sword fight with Mark, it was fantastic everyone was up cheering”.

Japanese Dance

Japanese Dance Masmui was lucky enough to wear three dresses on her Wedding day, the second dress was by far the biggest single expense. “The Kimono robe was purchased by my father and had previously been worn by my sister on her Wedding day. The second dress was part of the hotel Wedding package and included the shoes and my hair and makeup, costing the equivalent of £2k. I bought the third dress in the Debenhams sale and worn it in the evening”.

Japanese Wedding Flowers

Groom Corsage Bottonhole

Japanese Wedding Cake

Mark and Masumi Bride and Groom Once back in the UK Mark and Masumi had an evening reception at The Marygreen Manor Hotel, Brentwood which allowed more of Mark’s family and friends to celebrate with them. The couple now live in Mark’s home town of Romford, Essex.

Mark and Masumi Japanses Wedding